P1 LONG-TERM PARKING - 829 spaces

This parking area, which has 829 parking spaces, is preferentially dedicated to vehicles needing to park at the airport for long periods.


Outside the car park, at the entrance of  the airport, 18 spaces were reserved for free parking for authorized persons with disabilities. The spaces, outlined in yellow, are marked with international symbols and immediately visible.


Parking map

Rates and payments

Payment has to be made before you reach the exit:

  • in cash at ATMs located at the exit of the arrivals hall;
  • by ATM / credit card at the Airgest ticket counter.

The indicated rates are subject to change.

Payments Online

Online payment service coming soon.

Official rates

Parking length P1 – long-term  
up to 15 minuts € 0,00  
up to 1 hour (60 minuts) € 3,50  
up to 2 hours € 3,50  
up to 5 hours € 5,50  
up to 9 hours € 6,50  
up to 16 hours € 9,00  
up to 24 hours € 13,00  
up to 2 days (48 hours) € 21,00  
up to 3 days € 29,00  
up to 4 days € 34,00  
for each subsequent day € 7,50  

Terms and Conditions

  1. The unattended parking service is provided at the conditions and rates above. The entrance of the vehicle in the parking lot implies full acceptance of this Regulation.
  2. Vehicles can be introduced in the parking lot by picking up the coupon at the entrance columns.
  3. The customer must observe the signs and road markings and park the vehicle in the marked spaces. The operator can remove illegally parked vehicles by charging the cost to the customer. Legally, the operator can remove abandoned vehicles and enforce the same for the recovery of fees and costs of parking. The operator can also remove the vehicles parked in areas of urgent work, without incurring charges or penalties.
  4. Payment has to be made before collecting the car at the tills of the parking exit, enabled by the entry coupon. This coupon must be inserted in the exit column within 15 minutes of payment.
  5. The validated coupon is proof of payment, unless the request for proper receipt, which can be obtained directly by the cash, or invoice, which can be obtained from the manned gate.
  6. The entry coupon  can be used by the holder to collect the car, with the consequent limitation of liability for the operator.
  7. The cash machine accepts € 50.00 bills, only for payments from € 30.00 or more.
  8. In case of loss of the coupon, to collect your car will be charged a standard amount of € 150.00. Payment can be made at the manned gate during opening hours to the public. The customer will still have to show proof of the lawful possession of the car to be able to collect it.
  9. The operator assumes no liability for damages, theft or attempted theft of the vehicle, parts thereof or objects left inside it.
  10. All disputes shall be submitted to the Court of Trapani.


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