The Trapani-Birgi “Vincenzo Florio” Airport offers a free Internet Wi-Fi service to all passengers visiting the airport. Passengers can connect to the Wi-Fi network through laptops, tablets or smartphones to browse the Internet and download their emails, in line with the services offered in leading European airports and with the highest international standards.


The Wi-Fi Internet Service is provided through the ICT platform “Trapani Click And Go”, by the Special Agency of the Trapani’s Chamber of Commerce, where the uses can find useful travel information, where to sleep and eat, where to do your shopping, where to find useful services while staying in the Trapani Province.

How to connect:

  • Turn off your device Wi-Fi service and search for the Free-WiFi HOT SPOT.
  • Start your browser and access the Internet by entering the account data
  • Click Enter and enjoy your browsing!