Transfer from/to airport

Here are the active transfer companies, with their related contact info.

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329 3864249
329 3219465

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The taxi area is located outside the Airport, in front of the main entrance. The service is provided in compliance with the regulations established by the Municipality of Trapani, detailed below. Here are the current fares.

Service Fare
From the Birgi Airport

Initial fare

€ 3,00

Minimum fare

€ 14,50

For each km. inclusive of return

€ 1,50
Divisible hourly parking € 20,00
Flat-rate fare Trapani – Birgi Airport € 30,00

MUNICIPAL REGULATION ON NON-SCHEDULED PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICES (Approved by C.C. Deliberation no. 42 of 28/04/2005 – As amended by C.C. Deliberation no. 42 of 17/03/2008 and no. 187 of 02/10/2012).

Art.25 FARES

  1. TAXI fares are established on an annual bases by the Municipal Council, upon a proposal of trade associations, and in relation to the local service costs and to any provincial provisions on the matter. Multiple-based fares are employed for urban services, and kilometre-based fares for suburban services.
  2. Transport fares must always be calculated through an approved taximeter, on the basis of the fares established.
  3. Transport fares may not be agreed directly between the user and the carrier.
  4. CAR and DRIVER hire fares may be established by free collective bargaining between the parties, within the maximum and minimum limits set by the Municipal Council, based on the criteria of the Ministry of Transport.
  5. In case of integrating or substitute public transport services carried out by TAXI or by CAR and DRIVER hiring, pursuant to art. 6 of these Regulations, the fares established by specific contracts between the principal and the carrier shall apply to each customer.