Contingent and urgent order of Sicilian Region n. 11 of 30/01/2021 – SICILIAN REGION.

Passengers arriving in Sicily:
Anyone who arrives in Sicily, in the period between the 31th of January 2021 and 15th of February 2021, must register on the web site and be in possession of the negative result of the rhino pharyngeal molecular swab – test, performed in the last 48 hours.

Commuters and those who left the island in the days immediately preceding it, to travel to the national territory, for a period of less than four days are excluded.

If the returning passenger has not been able to undergo the molecular swab – test, he/she has several options:

  • Option 1
    Passengers can go to the international arrivals area, specifically dedicated to carrying out the quick antigenic swab-test.
    In the event of a positive outcome, the procedures provided for COVID -19 positive subjects are followed, with repetition of the molecular swab and taken over by the regional health system.
    If negative, the passenger can go home. With the recommendation to keep personal protective equipment, avoid contact with third parties, and undergo an antigenic swab-test again after five days.
  • Option 2
    Alternatively, passengers can go to an authorized laboratory and undergo the molecular swab-test, at their own expense.
  • Option 3
    Anyone who does not follow any of the above procedures, as a last resort, is obliged to place themselves in fiduciary isolation for ten days, at their home, notifying their general doctor, the pediatrician of free choice, or the relevant ASP.

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