In Trapani Airport’s public or open-to-the public places, pets – and dogs in particular – when not transported in suitable containers (as per legal requirements), must be kept on a leash wearing a muzzle. The owners, or those responsible for them, must be equipped with everything needed to clean and remove animal droppings


Small Pets (less than 10 kg, including the cage)

Upon notification to the airline concerned, small pets can travel in the aircraft cabin, in a suitable container with a waterproof and absorbent bottom, following the maximum size indicated by the airline. Total weight, including the cage, must not exceed 8/10 kg – depending on the airline – (we recommend to check on the airline website).

Large Pets

By notifying their presence at the time of booking, large pets can be transported in the (pressurized, illuminated and heated) hold, in a suitable container compliant with IATA regulations (the animal must be able to stand up and spin around).

E.U. Health Documents

For transit of dogs, cats or ferrets in the European Union, these pets must:

  • be equipped of a community passport (issued by the relevant ASP veterinary service);
  • have a valid anti-rabies vaccination;
  • be identified by a microchip or tattoo;

Pets without a passport will not be accepted. United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Sweden require additional guarantees, which can be viewed on the following websites:

Dogs, cats and ferrets under three months of age cannot travel to Italy. For more information on additional EU Member States requirements, contact the Consular Office of the Member State you are travelling to, in order to check the current provisions.

Extra-E.U. Health Documents

If you are travelling with a pet to an Extra-European Union country, contact the competent ASP veterinary service, in order to check the procedures and certifications required by each country. For more information, visit the website:

Protected Species

For more information, see the official CITES website (Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora):