All departing passengers (including domestic flights and regardless of their destination) must follow security rules laid down by the European Union Regulations and by the National Security Program issued by Italian National Aviation Authority (ENAC).

Therefore, in order to preserve security flight aviation and to facilitate the screening process, all passengers are required to fully cooperate and carefully observe in the observance of the envisaged rules, as follows:

  • show the boarding pass as soon as it is near the checkpoints
  • place own jacket, coat, overcoat, scarf or hat in the special tray provided, separately from other items.
  • store all the objects from your pockets or how much you carry in another tray, before x-ray checks.
  • before the controls get hold transparent plastic bag for liquids.
  • this plastic bag (cm.20 × 18) of liquids (max. 100ml) must be checked separately from the luggage.
  • take the laptop and other electronic devices out of hand luggage separately.
  • place the hand luggage directly in the X-Ray screening device without putting it in the tray.
  • walk through the metal detector.
  • retrieve all personal belongings.

Passengers may be requested to remove their shoes or to repeat the checks in case of equipment alarms and/or in compliance with the field applicable regulations.

It is strictly prohibited to transport third-party luggage, items and parcels.

It is strictly prohibited to leave your luggage unattended while you are at the airport.

By exhibiting suitable documents, pregnant women and persons with a pacemaker can request alternative control measures to the X-ray checks.

Upon specific request by the passenger, personal and/or luggage checks can be performed in a separate area.

If subjected to a physical check, passengers must notify in advance to the Security staff the items they do not wish to show in public (for personal, religious, cultural reasons, etc.) and any illness which could require a different check procedure.


  • As a result of intensified security checks, each passenger must arrive at the airport with sufficient advance (at least 2 hours before the end of the embarkation) to complete all check-in process and check-in procedures .
  • During security checks, the passenger’s cooperation is valuable to avoid waiting and waiting.
  • At the passenger’s request, the person and / or luggage can be checked in a reserved area.


For further information, please visit Customs Agency website and consult the Traveler’s Customs Card.