General informations

For people with autism to make a air travel can be a very difficult experience, in addition to being, in most cases, a whole new experience.

Trapani-Birgi Airport joins the “Autism, traveling through the airport” project conceived by ENAC with the collaboration of the sector associations and the airport management company.

The goal is to facilitate the passage to the airport, as much as possible, by providing assistance services but also, through some simple recommendations and basic strategies for carers, to help children and adults with autism to prepare and accept their travel itinerary serenely.

Assistance service for departures and arrivals

The airport is prepared to welcome people with autism, recognizing them as PRM (passengers with reduced mobility) and belonging to the DPNA category (passenger with intellectual or behavioral problems), with facilities, services and specialized personnel or duty staff dedicated to them.

For all information on how to request assistance during the trip and the various times click on the following link.

Possibility to familiarize with the Trapani Birgi Airport

To meet the needs of people with autism, Trapani Birgi Airport has created material that can be viewed by the person with autism so that he can familiarize himself with the various airport environments and processes.

Watch the video  “Autism – Traveling to the Airport”.

Download the brochure

In addition, Trapani Birgi Airport has provided the opportunity to make targeted visits to the structure reserved for individuals with autism and their carers about  embarking on an air travel from  “Vincenzo Florio” Airport.

This possibility has been designed in order to further encourage the familiarization of the same with the facilities and services provided.

To book the “familiarization visit” and to be contacted by the Trapani Birgi Airport personnel, simply send an email to

Special thanks to:

Italian Foundation for Autism Onlus – Auxilium Foundation – Parlautism – Social Cooperative Ad Majora – Autos