In the event of lost luggage, please contact the LOST & FOUND Office at the airport Arrivals area, and submit the luggage receipt (along with the ticket). The operator will start the luggage retrieval and delivery procedures. If the airline so requires, a commodity set will be supplied.If the airline uses a luggage tracking system (see below), the procedure status may be updated in real-time.
For more information, please contact the LOST AND FOUND.


The following list indicates the Trapani Airport airlines which currently use the luggage tracking system (World Tracer or a similar system). By clicking on the corresponding image, you can access the on-line system. By entering the procedure reference number (PIR code) and your last name, you can enter a query concerning the luggage retrieval status in the system.


Before exiting the luggage reclaim area, go to the LOST & FOUND Office to file a complaint.

In order for the complaint to be filed, you must show the damaged luggage to the Luggage – LOST & FOUND Office clerk, in the Arrivals area. After assessing the damage, the airline will offer a financial compensation or contribute to repair it.

The “Air Passenger Rights” Charter provides for compensation due to destruction, damage, loss or delayed delivery of luggage on a flight operated by a European Union airline. The compensation request must be submitted within 7 days from the reception of the luggage (for damage claims) and within 21 days for delayed delivery of the luggage.

For further information

  • Useful Numbers
  • Enac: toll free number: 800 898 121, from Monday thru Friday, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM; website