The purpose of the Service Charter, published in compliance with ENAC GEN06, is to present the Trapani airport structure, the characteristics of the services offered and the qualitative standards. Through the Service Charter, Airgest undertakes to adopt the measures needed to offer and guarantee increasingly-efficient services to its Customers, by improving their quality and transparency.

The quality factors and indicators, which are the starting point to follow a continuous service monitoring and improvement process, are measured through the cooperation of airport Customers, through special surveys and interviews conducted by the company. Thanks to these surveys, Airgest can monitor its improvement objectives and the customer satisfaction level on those services.

For more information, download the digital version of the 2023 Service Charter (PDF format).



The Air Passenger Rights Charter is a practical guide where Enac summarizes useful information for airline travellers. Edited for the first time in 2001 and distributed in all Italian airports, the Charter has been updated in 5 following editions.

For more information, download the latest digital version of the Air Passenger Rights Charter.