Payment must be made before exiting the parking lot:

  • in cash, at the automated teller machines located at the Arrivals hall exit;
  • with credit/debit card at the dedicated Airport Services tellers located on the ground floor-Departures area.

Rates may be subject to variations.

Official rates

Length of stay Parking area P1
0 minutes – 1 hour € 1,00
1 – 2 hours € 3,00
2 – 5 hours € 6,00
5 – 9 hours € 7,00
9 – 16 hours € 9,00
16 – 24 hours € 13,00
up to 2 days € 22,00
up to 3 days € 31,00
Every additional day € 8,00

Rules and Terms

  1. The unattended parking service is subject to the rates above and to the following conditions. By entering with your vehicle in the parking lot, you fully accept these rules.
  2. To enter the parking lot with your vehicle, collect the coupon from the entrance columns.
  3. Abide by the horizontal and vertical signs, and park your vehicle in the spaces marked by the stripes. The manager reserves the right to remove any vehicles parked irregularly, and levy the related charges to the customer. Furthermore, the manager reserves the right to remove abandoned vehicles and proceed to forced execution on the same to collect the parking rates and the costs incurred. The manager reserves the right to remove the vehicles parked in areas subject to urgent operations, without charging any fees or penalties.
  4. Payment must be made before collecting your vehicle, at the parking lot tellers, to be able to exit from the parking lot. Insert the coupon in the exit column within 15 minutes after you paid.
  5. The validated entry coupon attests the payment, except when a fiscal receipt is required – which can be obtained at automated tellers – or an invoice is required – which can be obtained at manned tellers.
  6. The entry coupon can be used by the holder to collect the vehicle from the parking lot, with consequent waiver of liability for the manager.
  7. The automated teller accepts €50,00 bills only for payments higher than €30,00.
  8. In case of loss of the entry coupon, a flat-rate amount of €150,00 will be charged to collect the vehicle. Payment can be made at the manned teller, available during its opening hours. In order to collect the vehicle, the customer must submit the documents attesting the ownership of the vehicle.
  9. The manager shall not be liable in case of damages to or attempted/actual theft of the vehicle, its components or items left within it.
  10. In the event of a dispute, the competent authority will be the jurisdiction of Trapani.