The Quality Management System established by Airgest focuses on passenger care and satisfaction, and aims at offering increasingly-efficient and continuously improved services.

By implementing its Quality Management System, Airgest aims at:

–       Improving corporate processes and  quality of the services supplied, in order to meet all internal and external customers’ needs;

–       Efficiently exploiting its structures, logistics and processes by rationalizing and streamlining them, identifying specific indicators and measuring the related performance. All this to obtain an integrated process management model;

–       Focusing more and more on human resource’s involvement, method strengths and problem-solving skills, by improving internal and external communication;

–       Acquiring the necessary skills for the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System on a permanent basis.

As manager and handler of the Trapani Airport, on May 20 2016, Airgest has received certification of its Quality Management System by the Bureau Veritas Italia S.p.A. certification body, pursuant to Standard ISO9001:2008, for the following fields of application: “Design, supply and monitoring of groundhandling services for aircraft, passengers and luggage. Management and monitoring of airport security. Design and monitoring of the infrastructures.”

This certification certifies that the management activities are compliant with the management and operative procedures, whose performance level are constantly monitored to guarantee a prompt adoption of solutions aimed at meeting the users’ needs.

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Airgest’s MISSION is to promote the airport brand reputation through high-quality services offered to its users with accuracy, promptness, professionalism and courtesy, in compliance with the control and safety standards applicable to the infrastructures under concession and to the groundhandling services.

For this reason, it is constantly committed to pursue and improve the Quality objectives through the Quality Management System, by promoting as core values:

  • INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL CUSTOMER-ORIENTATION: the entire organization is focused on reaching safety, professionalism and courtesy objectives.
  • TERRITORIAL MOBILITY SUPPORT: all its activities are aimed at favouring citizens and companies’ mobility, by promoting air routes, helping tourism and economic development of the local catchment area;
  • PROCESS-BASED WORK: while carrying out its activities, it operates in a structured and systematic way, with constant performance measuring. This guarantees the achievement of substantial results with an optimal use of the resources available.
  • STAFF INVOLVEMENT: Through continuous training, our Employees improve their skills and competences. In this way, they are able to work autonomously and responsibly, with high-quality results.

Airgest Policy is a dynamic document periodically reviewed to align it to the historical and organizational context.

It is supplied to all our Employees, and available to our Suppliers and Customers, or upon request.