The tourist information desk for passengers arriving at the Trapani-Birgi Airport was activated today.

The information desk is located on the ground floor, right after exiting the passenger landing and luggage claim area, in front of the rent-a-car agency tellers.

The desk, made available by the Trapani Regional Province, is managed by English-speaking Airgest staff.  An IT station with Internet connection and phones allows the staff to activate information links within the airport and to other tourist promotion players.

Furthermore, Airgest has renewed the first floor and Departures area management.

The entire first floor will be dedicated to departing passengers, and guests will no longer be able to access the area near the gates. Furthermore, the luggage size and weight checks required by Ryanair will be carried out after the security checks. The luggage size and weight limits will remain the same known to passengers, and promptly notified on Ryanair’s website.

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